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Non-state Administered Localities

Effective October 1, 2016, with the September 2016 tax period, you can now file all state and non-state administered* sales, use, rental and lodgings taxes through My Alabama Taxes, the ONE SPOT to file.

For tax periods prior to September 2016, you can file sales, use, and rental taxes for all state and non-state administered localities and lodgings tax for all state administered localities and the following non-state administered lodgings tax online through ADOR’s My Alabama Taxes.

Please note that your payment will be made directly to the non-state administered jurisdiction’s bank and NOT the ADOR’s bank.  Your return will also be sent directly to the non-state administered jurisdiction, so amendments to a filed return must be made directly with that locality.

You CANNOT cancel a payment or make a payment only to a non-state administered local through this system. Payments may only be made in conjunction with filing a return.

Alexander City – 9358
Auburn – 9388
Daphne – 9623
Decatur – 9152
Gulf Shores – 9428
Hoover – 9424
Huntsville – 9145
Jasper – 9680
Leeds – 9401
Madison – 9662
Mountain Brook – 9135
Northport – 9162
Orange Beach – 9706
Pelham – 9452
Robertsdale – 9618
St. Clair County – 7059 & 7759
Talladega – 9387
Tuscaloosa – 9163